14 October 2008

14 OCT 2008: Morninger & Calls

By Prakash Tejwani   Posted at  2:02 PM   No comments

14 OCT 08, 08:00
Manic Monday: DOW roars back from worst week ever
Dow 9387.61 +936.42 +11.08%
Nasdaq 1844.25 +194.74 +11.81%
SGX Nifty 3760 +207

It’s easy to feel confident when the Dow soars 938 points, but be careful, this market simply cannot be trusted. No matter what comes out of the Washington gathering, it will only take the Great Depression II off the table. It won’t help struggling companies make their earnings estimates, and it won’t prevent home prices from dropping further....Jim Cramer

14 OCT 08, 14:02
Sell Nifty fut 3605

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